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Fashion Trends - Powered by Hilco, edition 44, fall 2022 /winter 2023, Dutch /Belgian issue (Dutch language)

"Fashion Trends powered by Hilco" is a new sewing pattern magazine that will appear twice a year in different languages in the Benelux, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, France, Italy and Spain.

Sew your look for the colder season: dresses in different styles, blouses, pants, skirts, jackets and blazers. Sometimes sporty, sometimes casual, elegant or businesslike, with these cuts you can sew women's fashion for all situations.

Most Hilco fabrics and the pattern magazine "Fashion Trends powered by Hilco" are for sale at Jersey Fashion.

The magazine features 23 designer models in sizes 36-46 from casual to business.

Dutch / Belgian issue "Fashion Trends" | Jersey Fashion Dutch / Belgian issue "Fashion Trends" | Jersey Fashion

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