Jacquard lining fabric "Cetona" black-brown - bronze

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Jacquard lining, "Cetona", changeant, black-brown - bronze, 140cm wide, 45% viscose, 55% polyester, 130gr/s.mtr.

Light taffeta jacquard lining fabric with a woven geometric pattern. Through a special weaving technique and the use of two different colors of yarns, a beautiful changeant effect can be seen.

The changing shine in this tightly woven fabric creates a luxurious look of your garments. This washable taffeta jacquard (lining) fabric has some body and is ideal for the lining of jackets, suits, uniforms, skirts, blazers and dresses.

The noble and non-translucent taffeta jacquard is also suitable for making blouses, dresses, skirts, ties and for many deco purposes.

Colours: black-brown - bronze
Fabric design: geometric, changeant
Fabric:Taffeta jacquard (lining), Taffeta lining, Jacquard lining
Width: 140 cm
Fabric composition: 45% VI, 55% PL
Usage: (Lining of) dresses, skirts, blazer, uniforms, suits, jackets, blouses, pants. Decoration

Washing instructions:

Washing 30 Degrees Mild | Ironing Low Temperature | Dry Clean Normal | Do Not Bleach | Do Not Tuble Dry

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