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Bio linen (Enzym washed linen), taupe, Hilco, 100% linen, width 140cm, 320gr/

Premium linen fabric treated with bio-enzymes to make it softer and less prone to wrinkling than normal linen. A special finish with bio-enzymes in stead of chemicals gives this woven linen fabric its charming "used natural look".

The breathable natural fabric is of a medium thickness and weight and suitable to wear in all seasons. This linen fabric is suitable to wear at any occasion and perfect for creating trousers, blazers, dresses, skirts and more.

Company: Hilco, Germany
Quality: Premium
Fabric: Bio linen, enzym washed linen
Colours: taupe
Fabric design: Plain
Fabric width: 140 cm
Fabric weight: 320 grams per stretching meter
Fabric composition: 100% LI
Fabric use: dresses, skirts, pants, blazers, deco

Washing instructions:

Washing 40 Degrees | Ironing Max 200 Degrees | Do Not Dry Clean

No pre-washing
Inside out washing
Color excess washes out

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