Wool fabric - Merino wool S110 - cobalt blue

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Wool fabric, Merino S110 wool, cobalt blue, 100% wool, 150cm width, 180gr/m2, 270gr/s.mtr.

A S110 Merino quality and pure wool fabric (Merino wool). This exquisite fabric keeps in shape and maintains its colour many many years.

This very elegant and exclusive wool fabric is perfect to use for fine tailored suits, blazers, skirts and trousers. This nice fabric can be worn all year.

Product features: Breathable, elastic, multi-active, fire resistant, odour reducing, UV protection, anti-static.

Merino S120 Kobalt

Producer: Heilemann, Germany
Colours: cobalt blue
Fabric design: plain
Fabric: wool (Merino)
Quality: Premium, S110
Width: 150 cm
Fabric composition: 100% wool
Fabric use: a.o. tailored suits, blazers, skirts and trousers

Washing instructions:

No washing | Ironing 150 degrees | Profession dry cleaning | Do Not Tumble Dry | Do Not Bleach

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