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Jersey Fashion offers you the newest fine fabrics online!

Jersey Fashion is able to present a very fashionable and actual fabrics collection because we constantly watch the latest trends all over the world. We only buy the finest fabrics of high quality. Jersey Fashion doesn't want to miss any trend or development in the fashion industry. Therefore we offer you the the newest fabrics so you will always be informed about the latest trends in fashion through our web shop.

We try to help you choose the best fabric for your sewing project. We describe our fabrics and give suggestions how to use them. Sometimes we show you pictures how these fabrics look like already sewn in a model.


Jersey Fashion - Online fabric shop, specialized in Hilco and Toptex designer fabrics.

Jersey Fashion is an international online webshop with only top quality fabrics in the collection. Jersey Fashion has customers around the globe.

Our attention to detail and dedication to sourcing some of the finest designer fabrics means that with Jersey Fashion you can be guaranteed of a quality experience that will entice you use our services once more. In our online fabric shop, you will find high quality West-European fabrics from top companies such as Toptex and Hilco.