Stretch lining | Elastic lining | Bemberg | Cupro | Fabrics

Stretch lining | Elastic lining | Bemberg | Cupro | Fabrics

Bemberg is the brand name for Cupro. Premium stretch linings made of cupro (Bemberg) ensure superior comfort at all times. The quality of Bemberg cupro lining, which is mostly unseen, enhances the elegance of the wearer. It's lining that creates a silky glide and a beautiful silhouette. The elegant luster that is unique to Bemberg adds a touch of elegance from the inside to the outside of clothes.

Cupro originates from the natural cotton plant and rapidly releases static into the air, preventing dust and pollen from adhering to clothes. Bemberg is a fiber that controls moisture. Bemberg lining keeps clothes cool and dry, ensuring fresh comfort.

Our stretch cupro lining fabrics have an elasticity of about 20%, so 100cm can be stretched in width to a maximum of about 120cm.

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