Ottobre kid's Summer 2020-3 pattern magazine (Dutch issue)

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Ottobre design - Kids Fashion, Summer 2020, nr.3, Dutch /Belgian issue (Dutch language)

A new issue of the Ottobre kid's pattern magazine Summer 2020 (Dutch language)

Ottobre design kids is a pattern magazine specializing in children's and youth fashion. Each issue includes more than 40 trendy designs and complete children patterns and instructions for sewing. The magazine is designed in Finland.

In this issue:

Fresh Fruits And Smoothies
Made For Sunny Days
All Things Blue Like The Sea And Sky
Art, Sport And Adventures

Ottobre Design Kids 2020-3

Dutch / Belgian language
Niederlande_Stoffladen Belgische Uitgave "Fashion Trends" | Jersey Fashion

Patroonbladen in Nederlands
Schnittbogen auch in Deutsch
Patterns also in English
Les Patrones en Francais
Kaava-Arkeilla Käytettävät Suomi

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